dnb home/office goes green!

Over the past year, the dnb home/office has been doing its part to reduce its carbon footprint.

First, taking advantage of state incentives and tax credits, ReVision Energy installed a 4.1 KW grid tied rooftop solar array on a detached garage.  It is expected to supply about half of the power requirements for operating the dnb office.  It is especially pleasing to watch the meter run backwards when we are producing more than we consume!

Second, Dann and Susan Batting replaced the antiquated boiler in their home with a new condensing boiler that will reduce the consumption of fossil fuel and emissions, as well as saving money.

Third, the Battings added a masonry heater to their oversized inefficient home fireplace.  An Eco Firebox was installed within the cavernous opening that operates on the principal of a Russian Fireplace where the path of combustion is circulated through a series of chambers before exiting to the outside.  This multi-chamber pathway not only warms the masonry mass but also increases the temperature, up to 1,000 degrees within the firebox, creating an efficient burn that creates almost complete combustion making the firebox more than 85% efficient.

dnb believes each of us needs to do our part to reduce emissions if we wish to end our dependence on fossil fuel and reduce the green house gases that threaten our environment.  dnb is pleased with the changes we have made over the last year and is happy to help clients make their building projects sustainable as well!