About our Company

dann norris batting associates

Dann Norris Batting (6/9/1941 – 1/25/2023), was the founder and principal of the firm, with over 50 years of experience designing places for people to live, work and play. His design philosophy which drives the firm of dann norris batting associates is one of combining contemporary efficient space planning within traditional and local vernacular building forms. Whether it’s a 400 square foot office building, a garage addition, a large custom lakefront home, or a multi-tenant office building, our design is rooted in New England quirkiness, where not everything is symmetrical, but is pleasing to the eye.

The firm’s strength lies in listening to each client, and interpreting those thoughts and ideas into a design program that uniquely meets the needs of the client, while still working within the constraints of the specific site and any existing structure. We excel at making the most efficient use of the space available, whether that be working within the constraints set by the site’s buildable area, the space in an existing home or structure that just doesn’t work well, or the restraints set by code or zoning issues. Many clients have commented at the first schematic design review session, at how impressed they are that we really listened to them and incorporated their thoughts onto paper.

Our work with residential clients has gained a reputation for excelling at fitting a comfortable, livable and attractive home on what others saw as only an unbuildable lot. Some clients present us with the requirement that they need an addition to their house, when we often find a better solution by rearranging the spaces within their home, thus requiring less construction and cost. In that capacity, the firm operates as a problem solver.

Our work with builder/developers includes single family home design, both speculative and custom, multi-family communities, community building design, mixed use structures, and large multi-tenant office buildings, including project coordination with other consultants. We have long standing relationships with most of our builders and developers, speaking to their satisfaction with the quality of design work that we provide for them.