Design Services

dann norris batting associates provides design and planning services from the conceptual stages of a project through its completion. We tailor our services to each individual project, which ensures that each client receives exactly the help that they need.

  • Site Design and locating the structure(s) in its unique context
  • Master Planning for community planning
  • As Built Documents for existing structures to ensure an accurate basis for making changes
  • Schematic Design to work out the design to the satisfaction of the client’s needs and desires and are often used to bid for construction costs
  • Construction Documents take the Schematic Design documents to the detailed level that a builder needs to construct the building
  • Construction Observation allows the opportunity to oversee the construction, and solve any issues that may arise as the structure is erected
  • Marketing Plans, especially useful for multi-housing projects
  • Condominium documentation for deeds
  • Consulting Services can be used for initial studies of a site or structure, or any other issue the client might have